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  1. Published Symposia & Workshops
  2. Memoirs (Biographies/ Autobiographies)
  3. Tourist Interest/ Guide Books
  4. Development Studies
  5. History, Culture & Archaeology
  6. Natural Sciences
  7. Bibliographies
  8. Children's/ Schools Interest

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1. Published Symposia & Workshops

Botswana in the 21st Century
Edited by Sue Brothers, Janet Hermans & Doreen Nteta

1994. 621pp. ISBN 99912-60-25-0

Changing Roles of Women in Botswana : Being the Proceedings of the Conference on Changing Relations of Women in Botswana organised by the Super-Ngwao Museum Society, Saturday 31st October at the Y.W.C.A. Francistown Co-published with Super-Ngwao Museum, Francistown,
Edited by Eva Procek

1993. 90pp. ISBN 99912-60-21-6

Democracy in Botswana: The Proceedings of a Symposium held in Gaborone, 1-5 August 1988 Co-published with Macmillan Botswana

Edited by John Holm & Patrick Molutsi

1989. 295pp. ISBN 99912-77-60-9

Ditswammung; the Archaeology of Botswana Co-published with Pula Press, Gaborone
Edited by Paul Lane, Andrew Reid, Alinah Segobye

1998. 263pp. ISBN 99912-60-39-0 (Botswana Society) & 99912-61-58-3 (Pula Press)

Education for Development: Proceedings of a Symposium held by the Botswana Society at the National Museum and Art Gallery, Gaborone, 15-19 August, 1983 Co-published with Macmillan Boleswa

Edited by Michael Crowder

1994. ISBN 0333-401-53-0

Kalanga: Retrospect and Prospect
Editor Catrien van Waarden

1991. 113pp. ISBN 99912-60-12-9

( Proceedings of the Symposium on) The Okavango Delta, National Museum, Gaborone, Botswana, August 30th to September 2nd, 1976

Edited by Frank Youngman &c.

1976. 350pp. ISBN: n/a (out of print)


Poverty and Plenty; the Botswana Experience
Edited by Doreen Nteta, Janet Hermans & P Jeskova

1997. 165pp. ISBN 99912-60-38-6

Research for Development in Botswana
Edited by Robert Hitchcock, Neil Parsons & John Taylor

1987. 453pp. ISBN 9912-60-02-1

(Proceedings of the Symposium on) Settlement in Botswana : The Historical Development of a Human Landscape
Edited by R.Renee. Hitchcock & Mary.R. Smith

1982. 401pp. ISBN 99912-60-02-1

Speaking for the Bushmen (A Collection of Papers read at the 13th International Congress of Anthropology and Ethnological Sciences, Mexico City, July 29-August 5, 1993)
Edited by Anthony.J.G.M. Sanders

1995. 131pp. ISBN 99912-60-30-7

Sustainable Rural Development: Proceedings of a Workshop held by the Botswana Society in Gaborone, Botswana, 13-15 April 1992.

Edited by Doreen Nteta & Janet Hermans

1992. 280pp. ISBN 99912-60-18-6 (out of print)

(Proceedings of the) Symposium on Drought in Botswana, held at the National Museum, Gaborone, 5th to 8th June 1978 Co-published with Clark University
Edited by Madalon Hinchey

1978. 305pp. ISBN 087451-171-2

Tourism in Botswana: Proceedings of a Symposium held in Gaborone, Botswana, 15-19 October 1990
Edited by Linda Pfotenhauer

1991. 415pp. ISBN 99912-60-10-?

( In preparation : Proceedings of the Botho Symposium)

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2. Memoirs (Biographies/Autobiographies)

Botswana: The Road to Independence Co-published with Pula Press
Peter Fawcus & Alan Tilbury.

2000. 204pp. ISBN 99912-60-40-4

Man of Mafeking: The Bechuanaland Years of Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams 1884-1902
Elizabeth Main

1996. 205pp. ISBN 99912-60-15-3

Monarch of All I Survey: The Bechuanaland Diaries of Sir Charles Rey 1929-1937 Co-published with James Currey
Edited by Neil Parsons & Michael Crowder

1988. 282pp. ISBN 99912-60-00-5

Seretse Khama 1921-1980 Co-published with Macmillan Boleswa
Neil Parsons, Willie Henderson & Thomas Tlou

1995. 467pp. ISBN 99912-60-31-5

Sheila Bagnall's Letters from Botswana 1966-1974 Co-published with Leitlho Publishers

Edited by Sandy Grant

2001. 348pp ISBN 99912-034-5-1.

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3. Tourist Interest/ Guide Books

At the Edge of the Kalahari: Historical Colour Photographs of Tswana Chiefdoms and Hereros in Exile

Co-published with Kiel University

Katesa Schlosser

2003. 44pp. + 74 plates. ISBN 3-928794-31-0

Botswana Live: An Exhibition of Art and Craft Work (in the Art Gallery of the Commonwealth Institute, 11th May-13th June 1993) Co-published for Commonwealth Institute, London, centenary 1893-2003
Alec Campbell & Elizabeth Gron

1993. 52pp. ISBN 99912-60-22-6

Guide to Greater Gaborone Co-published with the Authors
Alec Campbell & Mike Main

2003. 292pp. ISBN 99912-511-3-8

The Livingstones at Kolobeng 1847-1852 Co published with Pula Press

Janet Wagner Parsons

1997. 230pp. ISBN 99912-60-12-X

( In preparation : Botswana Heritage by Sandy Grant; Tsodilo Hills by Alec Campbell & Mike Main) )

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4. Development Studies

Livestock Development and Pastoral Production on Communal Rangeland in Botswana (Botswana Society Occasional Paper No 5)

Richard White

1993. 72pp. ISBN 99912-60-20-X

Survival through Co-operation in Naledi (translation of Onverleven door Samenwerken: Naledi, een Armenwijk in Botswana Amsterdam: V.U. Uitgeverij, 1987. ISBN 90-6256-564-1) (Botswana Society Occasional Paper No 4)
Hans Feddema

1990. 55pp. date. 57pp. ISBN 99912-60-07-2

Why Botswana Prospered Co-published with McGill-Queen's University Press

J. Clark Leith

2005. 156pp ISBN 0-7735-2821-0.

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5.History, Culture & Archaeology

The 19th Century Lutheran Mission in Botswana Co-published with National Archives & Records Services, Gaborone
Andrea Mignon

1996. 47pp. ISBN 99912-60-28-5

Barile: The Peopling of Botswana Volume II
Recorded by Tshako Mpulubusi, edited by J. Hermans and D. Nteta

1995. 90pp. ISBN 99912-60-29-3

The Bayei of Ngamiland: A Few Notes

Thomas J. Larson

1992. 36pp. ISBN 99912-60-13-7

Bechuanaland and the Law in Politician's Hands (Botswana Society Occasional Paper No 6)

Anthony. J.G.M. Saunders

1992. 50pp. ISBN 99912-60-16-1

Decorated Homes in Botswana Co-published with Phutadikobo Museum, Mochudi

Sandy Grant & Elinah Grant

1995. 134pp. ISBN 99912-0-140-8

From Police Network to Station of the Nation: A Political History of Broadcasting in Botswana 1927-1991

James Joseph Zaffiro

1991. 109pp. ISBN 99912-60-14-5

History and Evolution of the Fauna Conservation Laws of Botswana (Botswana Society Occasional Paper No 3)
Clive Spinage

1991. 118pp. ISBN 99912-60-09-X

The Kalahari Ethnographies (1896-1898) of Seigfried Passarge: 19th Century Khoisan and Bantu Speaking Peoples Co-published with Rudiger Koppe, Cologne ( Quellen zur Khoisan-Forschung ; Bd. 13/ Research in Khoisan Studies. No.13)
Edited by Edwin N Wilmsen

1997. 336pp. ISBN 3-89645-141-3

A Medical History of Botswana 1885-1966

Rodgers Kereng Keokie Molefi

1996. 204pp. ISBN 99912-60-33-1


Ngatikwaleni Ikalanga: A Manual for Writing Kalanga as Spoken in Botswana
Andrew M Chebanne, M K Rodewald & K W Pahlen

1995. 93pp. ISBN99912-60-33-1

The Oral History of the Bakalanga of Botswana (Botswana Society Occasional Paper No.2)
Catrien Van Waarden

1988. 38pp. ISBN: n/a

( In preparation : Shiyeyi Writing System )

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6. Natural Sciences

The Cucumber Family in Botswana Co-published with National Herbarium, Gaborone

Bruce J. Hargreaves

ISBN 99912-561-9-9

The Ethno-Biology of the !Ko Bushmen : Their Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Plant Lore (Botswana Society Occasional Paper No 1)
H.J. Heinz & B Maguire

1974. 53pp. ISBN 99912-60-34-X


A List of the Flowering Plants of Botswana at the National Museum, Sebele, and the University of Botswana Co-published with the National Museum, Gaborone
Compiled by Janet E Barnes & Lilian M Turton and amended by E Kalake

1994. 66pp. ISBN 087287-664-0

Setswana – Animals and Plants (Setswana­Ditshedi le Ditlhare)
Desmond T Cole

1995. 337pp. ISBN 99912-60-24-2

Some Flowering Plants of South Eastern Botswana
Described by Lilian Turton and illustrated by Veronica Blomberg-Ermatinger

1988. 151pp. ISBN 99912-60-01-3

Sustainable Wildlife Utilisation; The Role of Wildlife Management Areas Co-published with Kalahari Conservation Society

1988. 87pp. ISBN 1859-721-77-X

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7. Bibliographies

Geomorphology of Botswana: an Annotated Bibliography (Botswana Society Bibliography of Botswana Part III)
Paul A Shaw & David Nash

1998. 49pp. ISBN 99912-60-37-4

Pre-Colonial Botswana: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Sources (Botswana Society Bibliography of Botswana Part II)
Barry Morton

1994. 67pp. ISBN 99912-60-23-4

The Prehistory and Archaeology of Botswana: An Annotated Bibliography (Botswana Society Bibliography of Botswana Part I)
Catrien Van Waarden

1999. 141pp. ISBN 99912-60-41-2

The Quality of Life in Botswana: An Annotated Bibliography on Income Distribution, Social Indicators, Social Welfare and Natural Resources (Botswana Society Bibliography of Botswana Part IV)
Derek J Hudson & Jan Isaksen

1998. 243pp. ISBN 99912-60-38-2

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8. Children's/ Schools Interest

Bayeyi and Hambukushu Tales from the Okavango
Thomas J Larson, illustrations by Michele Olry.

1994. 114pp. ISBN 99912-60-25-9

Botswana Society Social Studies Atlas Co-published with Esselte Map Service (Liber Kartor), Stockholm (out of print)

Neil Parsons with Bernard Makwiti & Alec Campbell

1988. 48pp. ISBN 99912-60-11-X

Uncovering Botswana's Past Co-published with National Museum Monuments & Art Gallery, Gaborone

James Denbow & Jocelyne Denbow

no date 64pp. ISBN 01-22798-50-3

( In preparation : Aspects of Kalanga Culture by Part Mgadla)

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