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These Botswana Society copyright maps (with accompanying photographs) were first published in THE BOTSWANA SOCIETY SOCIAL STUDIES ATLAS (Gaborone: The Botswana Society & Stockholm: Esselte, 1988. 48pp.ISBN 99912-60-11-X).

Botswana: Physical Environment 1:3,5 million (with illustrative photos of Ancient Lake Beds, Sandveld Region, Both Sandveld and Hardveld Regions, & Hardveld Region)

8a Botswana: Relief
8b Botswana: Drainage
9a Botswana: Climatic Change (over last 50,000 years)
9b Botswana: Temperature
9c Botswana: Rainfall
10a Botswana: Geology
10b Botswana: Mineral Deposits
11a Botswana: Soils
11b Botswana: Vegetation
12a Botswana: Population 1981
12b Botswana: Migration & Employment 1980s
13a Botswana: Land Use and Wildlife
13b Botswana: Industry and Energy 1980s
14a Botswana: Communications, Trade and Tourism 1980s
14b Botswana: Administration and Politics 1965-1980s
15a Botswana: Education 1980s
15b Botswana: Health Care Facilities 1980s
16a Botswana: Stone Age (Early & Middle)
16b Botswana: Languages of Botswana
16c Botswana: Later Stone Age
16d Botswana: Early Iron Age
17a Botswana: Later Iron Age to 1800
17b Botswana: Nineteenth Century
17c Botswana: Colonial Botswana
30c Africa: Indigenous Languages
30d Africa: Later Stone Age and Early Iron Age
31a Africa: later Iron Age States
31b Africa: Colonial Rule

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