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Botswana is famous for its wildlife, concentrated around the Okavango delta and the Chobe river, and scattered across the Kalahari thirstlands. With growing environmental consciousness, wildlife tourism has moved away from hunting and fishing towards watching and photography.

The people of Botswana are less familiar to tourists than our wildlife. Every citizen of Botswana is a Motswana, one of the Batswana people speaking Setswana, the national language. But there are many languages other than Setswana spoken in homes across Botswana.

There are Khoe languages (such as Buga, Hietshware, Gcwi, & Nharo) spoken at home in and around the Kalahari and the Makgarikgari salt pans, Northern San languages (such as !Kung or Zhu) spoken in the north-west, and a Southern San language (!Ko) spoken in the south-west.

There are Bantu languages such as Yei, Mbanderu and Mpukushu spoken at home in the north-west, Subiya and Kalanga in the north-east, Pedi and Tswapong in the east, and Khalagari as well as Setswana (Tswana) in the south-east.

There are also Germanic languages spoken at home in Botswana, notably English in the cities, and Afrikaans in the south-west.

Our CULTURAL TOURISM pages provide a rough guide to Botswana and its people for tourists who want to visit the country, and also for those "armchair tourists" who prefer to travel in their minds though literature and films. Go the any of the following pages:

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