Botswana Notes and Records

Botswana Notes and Records is the main journal of record for research and new knowledge about Botswana, with contents ranging from Archaeology to Zoology. Annual volumes (since 1969) contain peer-reviewed scholarly articles written in language accessible to lay readers, shorter research notes, significant memoirs or anecdotes and other documents, and reviews of recent publications on Botswana.

Members of the Botswana Society receive a free copy of the journal for that year. For how to join the Society see the Membership page. For library subscriptions please contact Books Botswana (manager Andy Free See also Current Membership & Subscription Rates.

For a listing of all the topics covered in articles of Botswana Notes and Records in Volumes 1 to 38, see Summary of contents by annual volume 1969-2006, excluding book reviews. For a review of Botswana Notes and Records Volume 38 (2006) please see the News Page Item 2008/05 on this web-site.

See the Guidelines for Authors page for details of how to submit a contribution to Botswana Notes and Records.

Full subject indexes for hundreds of previous Botswana Notes and Records articles are included in the subject indexes for all Botswana Society publications listed below.


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